May 20, 2009

I can’t really say much because the day just started but last night chicago blackhawks lost again but this time it was in overtime. They lost  3-2 so they did better then the last game. Just in case i forgot say, I want chicago to win so then it would be easier for Pittsburgh to win the Stanley cup. Anyway done talking about hockey… Today it snowed for the third time this may, it is really starting to make me mad. It always snowed on a tuesday too, so that is really wierd. well thats all the time i have to write. so bye


Something To Do

May 19, 2009

I really have nothing to write about but i am going to write anyway. Today is the tuesday right after may long weekend and during the weekend i went camping which was really boring. It was actually warm out but that does not really matter. I watched hockey when i got back, it was Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Black Hawks playing and detriot won 5-2.:( I also watched a different hockey game and it was Pittsburgh Penguins and Carolina Hurricanes that were playing and Pittsburgh won 3-2!!:). Pittsburgh is my favourite hockey team and they will probably make it to the Stanley Cup Finals this year like they did last year. Anyway i should probably stop talking about hockey because some people might not like it but class is almost over too so i have to finish writing right away and i have nothing to write about so i am going to finish this post okay bye.


Nassau Bahamas

May 19, 2009

This is a photostory I made about the city of Nassau.


The Wave Chapters 9-12

March 12, 2009

In these chapters Laurie was in the papers office having a meeting with all the editors of the grapevine. They had a due date of when the paper had to be published but no one had a story to put in the paper yet. She was asking people if they had the story for their part of the news paper but everyone tried to make up some kind of excuse about why they didn’t do it. People thought about making stories and they had all kinds of suggestions and one was to make a story about The Wave. Laurie was not too interested in the idea so she didn’t write about it. Laurie was at home doing her home work and her mom was still worried about The Wave going to far. The next day Ben was in the faculty lounge having a cofee then someone told him the the principle wanted to see him. It was about The Wave and the principle wanted to know all about it and he didn’t want any complaints about it. Laurie was sitting in her office and she found and envelope that someone slid under the door it was a note that said : This is a story i have written for the grapevine: I was with my friends and we wanted to know more about the wave so we decided to go to his classroom. After we walked out this senior was standing there and they asked us if we joined the wave yet, we said no then he asked us if we wanted to. Two of my friends said yes the other two said that they didn’t know and i said no. Then he talked the two friends that said they didn’t know into saying yes and i still said no. The person that was trying to get me to join got mad and said that if i didn’t join everyone in the wave would not be my friends. So i walked away. After reading this Laurie decided she didn’t like the wave so she folded it up. Ben got out of the office and saw brad handing out pamphlets. Robert was following Ben and Ben stopped and turned around and asked why he was following him. Robert said that he was being his body guard and told him why, Ben said ok and kept walking. Laurie was still in her office looking out the window and saw two  kids fighting, she noticed one was Brian and when the teacher broke them up he shouted out the wave motto and the other kid said aw, shove it. David came into the office and told her about how the other person was Deutsh and that he was trying to steel Brians place. Then he asked if she was going to the wave rally and she decided she didn’t want to go or be in the wave anymore so David got mad and broke up with her. Laurie was talking to her dad and her dad told her about how Deutsh was jewish and that was why he didn’t want to join the wave because it reminded him of what happened to all the jewish people in germany.


I wonder why when the fight got broken up Brian yelled The WAve motto, I also wonder why David broke up with Laurie just because she wouldn’t go to The Wave rally. Another thing i wonder is who was the person that gave the grapevine the story about the wave.

I think that The Wave is dumb because their doing all of this just because they like to be disciplined, well thats what i think. I also think that brian and Deutsh fighting just because he wont join the wave is dumb too.

I think that everyone that is in the wave is taking it too seriously and that they should stop it because there is no point of it. I also think that David is dumb for breaking up with Laurie just because she didn’t want to go to the wave rally.

My favourite part is when Brian and Deutsh got into a fight, it is my favourite part because i like watching fights because they are fun to watch.

I think the wave is going to get really big but only a couple of people will be able to stop it and i don’t think David will be one of the people that will try and stop it because he likes it alot.

If i was one of the characters in the book i would try and stop the the wave right a way before it got too big for me to stop it.

A part that surprised me was when David got mad at Laurie for not going to the wave rally and then he broke up with her.


Shark Arena in Nassau Bahamas

March 12, 2009

In Nassau there is a shark arena that you can pay to go in. You can go diving in the water with sharks for 45 minutes! This is a great opportunity to see sharks at a close range, and you can shark dive in almost every part of Nassau. Each and every shark you see is different, even if its size or designs on their skin. Here is a video of what you do when you go shark diving.

See doesn’t it look extremely fun? You can even through a string of shark bait in the water and watch them eat it right before your eyes, and you can even help feed the sharks. There is a lot of places to go shark diving and there is a shark diving centre in Nassau. If you dive down into the reef there is always sharks there just swimming along the reef. If you are going to feed the sharks they give you a full suit of chain mail and give you the bait at the end of a spear.If you need to read more about the Shark diving look here.

To me this sounds really exciting and i recommend everyone to try it, i also think you should feed the sharks as well. So if you read this post it is a great idea to go to Nassau and there is also a lot more stuff to do when you are there so you will not get bored.


Windows Vista, Is It Really A Lie?

March 9, 2009

A group of people said there were lots of lies about Windows Vista. Should you believe them? If you download the new iTunes 8.0, it will crash but you can do an easy thing to fix it. You will just have to reboot it and it will work again.

If you use HP printers on Microsoft Word the document you want to print will print but Microsoft Word will randomly pop back up again and it wont work anymore.

The user account control will make your computer slower big time. If you don’t use it right, you can get the blue screen of death and you will have to get a new computer.

There are many versions of Windows Vista and they are way too expensive to buy all the time also so that is another reason you shouldn’t get Windows Vista. The cheapest version is one hundred and twenty-nine dollars.windows_vista_

On the Vista laptop, there is a dual monitor that is easy to use. When the tool bar is at the top of the screen,  it stays there but people think that it will make the laptop crash.

In my opinion I think all of this is a lie because I have Windows Vista and iTunes 8.0 but my computer still hasn’t crashed therefore this is all a lie and I don’t think you should believe this. Your opinions might be different from mine.

For more information click here.

So if you think all of this is important to you i think you should figure out if this is all true but i personally think this is all fake but it could be true.

Here are some pictures I found on the Web that shows you some of the more common versions of Windows Vista.



Nassau Bahamas

March 2, 2009

We are doing a project about living in other cities that are out of North America. I am doing Nassau Bahamas and it is just out of the USA and it is a really big city that almost takes up the whole Island. It only cost about 900 dollars to fly there from Ottawa. Houses there cost about 600 000 dollars and that’s for an average house for a big house it cost over one million dollars. We have to figure out if it would be a good place to put and office for a big business. We have to figure out the positive things about that place and the negative things about that place. The temperature is usually warm and the airfares are cheap. That is all i have to say about this project.